• The best destinations to visit in 2019
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    Popular Travel Destinations for 2019

    WHERE WILL YOU HEAD TO NEXT? ⇷☓⇸ It is almost that time of year again when you have explored most of 2018 and now it’s time to add some new exciting destinations to your list for 2019.  With so many to choose from, I have narrowed it down to six new and exciting places to visit – whether you’re looking for chilled out vacation days, a bit of exotic explorations or a change of scenery, there is a bit of something for everyone.  Be sure to keep those passports up to date, your bags packed with your best travel gear and head to your nearest airport for some holidays of…

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    The Top 8 Destinations in Amsterdam

    EUROPE’S WELL KNOWN GEM ⇷☓⇸ If you want traditional European architecture, lifestyle and philosophy, then look no further than beautiful Amsterdam. It offers not only the typical coffee shops, standard tourist attractions and of course the colourful smoke around you often smell around the recreational enthusiasts, but there is so much more to this diverse city than meets the eye. Down its numerous alleyways, lie classical brick work buildings and hidden gems waiting to be found by unsuspecting visitors. Jump on a bike or simply cruise on one of the many boat tours to gaze admiringly at Amsterdam’s incredible infrastructure. These are my Top 8 must see attractions: 1. Wander…

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    The Top 10 Things To Do In Budapest

    MY FAVOURITE EUROPEAN CITY ⇷☓⇸ If you were to ask me whats my favourite city in the world? Id have to reply that Budapest is definitely up there and is easily my favourite European city by far. It has everything to offer, from a great nightlife, historic sites, the friendliest people, best value for money to fantastic food and a castle that looks like Hogwarts. It is a great weekend getaway destination or somewhere to explore for a longer period of time. If you are travelling through Europe, be sure to check this place out! Here are my top 10 places: 1. Party in the Ruin Bars Budapest has one…

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    When In Brussels – The Top 10 Things To Do

    TRY THE MANY DELIGHTS OF BRUSSELS ⇷☓⇸ One of my favourite European cities and also one of the small nations that help play a huge role within Europe and also the worlds history. Having been in both world wars, there is an endless supply of information, historic sites and places to visit to get your fix. Putting those heavy subjects aside, Brussels is also known for its delicious chocolate, strong beer and waffles which attract many travellers. However, if you put all that aside and delve a little deeper you will find that it has many medieval towns, historical sites and fun things to do that are worth searching for.…

  • the top 10 things to do in Italy
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    The Top 10 Things To Do In Italy

    DELVE INTO ITALYS HIDDEN DELIGHTS ⇷☓⇸ When it comes to Italy, the first and foremost thing that to comes to mind is: great food, beautiful countryside, fabulous wine, and a long history to make it an excellent country to visit. I fell in love with it the first time I went to visit and now I fall in love again every time I go. The rows of vineyards in Tuscany, the deep history of Florence, the ancient colosseums in Rome, the chilled out nature of Southern Italy, and the romantic canals in Venice all make the country irresistible. Italy leaves no one underwhelmed and, with so much to do and…

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    Guide To Europe

    TASTE THE EUROPEAN DELIGHTS! ⇷☓⇸ Europe is one of the places to visit to experience so many different cultures and areas of history each with its own tale to tell. I made it my goal to visit every European city and I am slowly making my way through them and loving every minute of it. There are no age restrictions, anyone can enjoy it and will be one of the most memorable experiences people have in their lives. From beautiful Paris, to smoke filled coffeeshops in Amsterdam, to Oktoberfest, to the beaches of Greece, and the architecture in Barcelona there’s so much to see on the continent I couldn’t name it…