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Getting Started



So you have taken the leap and decided to travel the world. Thats fantastic!! It can be hard to know where to start though when planning your first epic trip and I hope to make that a little easier for you.

With so much information out there on the internet its hard to find a good source of information where it is all in one place and so here I will lay it all out in easy to read to segments with enough information to get you going.

This can be for a two week trip to Europe or an around the world trip.

Get started here now:

14 Tips On How To Save For Your Trip

currency convertor

Travel Gadgets – The Essentials

travel technology

Travel Gear – What Will You Need?

what will I need for travelling

The Best Travel Apps

The best travel apps

10 Best Packing Hacks

the best way to pack for travelling

Top Travel Hacks

best travel hacks
Life as a Digital Nomad

Life as a digital nomad

Whats The Best Pre-Paid Travel Card?

the best pre paid travel card

What Vaccinations Do You Need?

what vaccinations do I need for travelling

Whats The Best Backpack To Travel With?

whats the best backpack to travel with

How To Make The Most Of Your Travels

how to make the most of your travels

How To Find Cheap Flights

how to find cheap flights

Top 8 Safety Tips Whilst In Airports

how to travel safely

The Best Travel Insurance Guide

the best travel insurance