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Whats The Best Pre-Paid Travel Card?



When travelling abroad its not always a great idea to have a whole bunch of cash on your or your home bank card, for many reasons such as; theft, additional charges and loss.

There are many different cards on the market and they vary from country to country depending on where you live. Since I am from the UK I opted for CaxtonFX which was a great card that I used through South East Asia and Australia.

Other types of cards out there are: Bank travel cards, STA Travel cards, Lyk, WeSwap, FairFX, AA Worldwide and the Post Office to name a few.

About CaxtonFX

take the leap travel

Its a convenient way to access your money globally with ease and no hassles. Some of the great perks of this card are:

Load currency onto a Caxton FX card

Load a Caxton FX currency card before or during your trip. Do it all using the Caxton FX app, via your online account or call them and they can do it for you.

Hold any of our currencies on a single card

Choose the currency you want and lock in a great exchange rate, as well as check balances and transactions, all using the Caxton FX app.

Access to real time exchange rates

It doesn’t matter where you land. They have the currency you need. Get access to real time exchange rates via your online account or the Caxton FX app.

Spend safely globally

Their cards are accepted at over 35 million outlets worldwide, wherever you see the MasterCard sign and are ‘Chip and PIN’ secure

Spend globally fee-free

Use a Caxton FX card to pay in shops, hotels, restaurants and other outlets worldwide, free of charge.

Switch currencies

Change currencies in minutes, before you travel, or whilst you’re travelling. Do it all using the Caxton FX app or via your online account.

There are no administration fees and when you load it with £600 you get £10 extra.


While abroad you are always going to run into trouble in some form or another and this did happen to me a couple of times whilst in Asia. I found that my card had stopped working and I jumped straight onto Twitter and sent them a direct message asking for help. Within the hour someone had replied and the issue had been sorted – I had locked myself out by accident but was easily rectified luckily!

So moral of the story? Do your homework as cards will vary from country to country and select what one works best for you. Then at least you travel happily without the risk of losing money or being over charged for using it.



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