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Top 8 Safety Tips Whilst Travelling – Know Your Airports

How To Stay Safe Whilst Travelling


It is not a secret that Airport security is at its peak at the moment with all the horrifying events that have taken place lately and rightly so. Those procedures are there to protect and I will happily abide by them if that means I can have the safest journey possible.

However one thing not many travellers think about is when they get off the plane and enter a foreign Airport in a country they have possibly never visited before.

Now while this doesnt sound too bad there is a much darker side to it which not many people realise happens.

Imagine this – You step off the plane, fresh faced (relatively after a long haul flight if youre lucky), looking around the airport for baggage and exit signs and trying to naivgate your way through foreign languages.

What you dont realise is that you are rich pickings and at that point extremely vulnerable.

You are easily noticeable and youre appearance is more than likely screaming wealth and money to which they are willing to take full advantage of. When eventually find your way out of the airport they are possibly watching and can take you for all your worth.

I dont mean to scare anyone by this but its something that everyone should be aware of and I myself was made aware of this by a friend in the Close Protection Unit of the police here in the UK who deals with international incidents which he cant really disclose.


Here are my Top 8 Safety Tips:

1. Research the Airport you are flying into before you get there. Where is it located in the country, what rules and regulations do they have and has anyone else had trouble there (look on blogs etc).

2. Learn the layout of the Airport if possible I.e. where the exits are and routes to your transport.

3. Learn the basic language of where youre going and find out words you will need such as ‘Exit’ ‘Baggage Claim’ ‘Passport Control’ etc.

4. When exiting the plane, try to walk with purpose as if you know where youre going and been there a million times before.

5. Hide all valuables out of sight. This includes phones, tablets, MP3s, cameras etc

6. Be vigilant of your surroundings and aware of anyone who may be watching you or others

7. Try to stay in groups if you can, you can often make friends on the plane if youre on your own or tag along behind large groups as if you are with them.

8. Bascially try not to look like a tourist and stick out like a hugh money sign

If you follow these basics steps it could quite negate any issues you may have when landing and ensures you have a pleasant start to your adventures rather than becoming a victim.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times

Hey! Im Lee, AKA Explorewithlee and Taketheleaptravel and I am from the UK. I am a full time travel blogger for and brand ambassador for Kathmandu and STA Travel while living and travelling in New Zealand. I love photography, videography, writing, blogging and exploring new destinations. These are my adventures, tips and everything you need to know about travelling the world.

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