• the best destinations for a solo traveller
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    The Best Destinations for a Solo Traveller

    EXPLORING MORE ⇷☓⇸ There is a certain freedom to being a solo traveller, and one that I fully encourage. To start with, wanting a travel companion may be holding you back from booking that one-way ticket to Bangkok because ‘it’s not a good time for them’ or you just can’t find anyone with the same dreams as you. That just leaves the possibility of solo travelling – ‘you, yourself and well – I’. But don’t despair! There are thousands of people that travel the world by themselves and its one of the best things you can possibly do. Do it for yourself The benefits being that – you run on your…

  • three countries to delight your taste buds, take the leap travel
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    Three Countries to Delight Your Taste Buds

    VISIT THESE THREE COUNTRIES TO TRY SOMETHING NEW ⇷☓⇸ When travelling on the road or visiting new countries it brings the chance to delve into new and unique cuisines that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. When the moments happen upon you, you should grab hold with both hands and take your taste buds for a whirlwind of flavours and experiences. Having travelled to some far and distant places I have certainly been lucky enough to have tried some weird and wonderful delicacies as well some outstanding restaurants, that have left their mark on me years later. Out of all of my experiences, I have whittled them down…

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    The Top 10 Bars In Melbourne

    UNIQUE & QUIRKY DRINKS? ⇷☓⇸ Melbourne is world renowned for its copious amount of cafes, restaurants and bars – and rightly so. Often rivalling Sydney, it doesn’t disappoint with a varying selection of awesome bars to get your night started and keeping you going till the early hours of the morning. Be sure to visit at least one of these places if you ever find yourself in Melbourne! Here are my Top 10: 1. Sister Bella One of my favourite hidden bars in Melbourne, this unique bar is tucked away in plain sight in central CBD next to a graffiti mural of Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajowski. Its here that you…

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    The Top 10 Best Places to Eat in Melbourne

    THE ULTIMATE FOODIES GUIDE! ⇷☓⇸ Having lived in Melbourne for a year, I was lucky enough to explore and discover a number of delicious and quirky restaurants, cafes and bars throughout the CBD and outer suburbs. Whether you are hangry for waffles, freakshakes, red monster burgers, rainbow lattes or superb pizza these are the places you should definitely check out. Here are my Top 10: 1. Dex2rose This brightly coloured and vibrant Gelateria, which is hidden down a side alleyway in the CBD, serves up some of the craziest ice cream concoctions I have ever laid eyes upon! Specialising in ‘nitrogelato’ (that’s nitrogen-frozen gelato creations), the dessert bar serves some…

  • The Top 9 Things to See and Do in Australia
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    The Top 9 Things to See and Do in Australia

    The ‘Must See’s’ for anyone going to Australia ⇷☓⇸ There is a lot to do in Australia and trying to list everything on a continent would be too difficult to do. Below are my top 9 favorite activities: 1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef — Find your very own Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef. There’s a ton of marine life and beautiful coral here to explore—this is a must-do activity. Trips start around 180 AUD for the day. Even if you don’t dive, you can still take a boat out to the reef and go snorkeling. Try to get on a boat that has a permit to go to dive sites a couple of…