• Nuansa Penida Hostel, Nusa Penida, Indonesia
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    Nuansa Penida Hostel

    THE BEST ISLAND LIFE  ⇷☓⇸ The Nuansa Penida Hostel is one of those unique and quirky places that you really must experience to enjoy island life. It is a small and friendly family run boutique hostel which is in a great location for all your adventure needs. It is essentially a small village of huts that are dorms and private rooms bringing a sense of close knit community and a great way to meet other like minded travellers. The location is perfect too as its about an hours scooter drive to Kelingking Beach and Diamond Beach and then only 6 mins drive to the main town and Karma Diving. If you…

  • Munduk Moding Plantation, Munduk, Bali, Indonesia
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    Munduk Moding Plantation – Bali’s Finest Resort

    OCEANS OF JUNGLE & AN INFINITY POOL ⇷☓⇸ One of my favourite resorts that I stayed at in Bali, Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP) is the ultimate picturesque place to stay where the blue skies meet with the calm waters of their infinity pool overlooking the Bali sea and the towering volcanoes in Java. It honestly takes your breath away! The best part is that it is super secluded, nestled away in a working coffee plantation surrounded by dense green jungle penetrated by by beautiful birdsong and a choir of crickets. This to me was the real Bali and I was happy to hideout here until I grudgingly had to leave.…

  • Pulo Cinta, Gorontalo, Indonesia
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    Pulo Cinta – The New Maldives

    WHERE PARADISE MEETS LUXURY ⇷☓⇸ Pulo Cinta is the ultimate Indonesian love story. Also known as the Island of Spices, it was where a young prince met a beautiful daughter of a Dutch trader and fell in love in a Romeo & Juliet style affair. Their forbidden love was cultivated in Pulo Cinta and became their secret escape. These days, it is one of the most sought after holiday escapes rivalling the Maldives (except a-lot more affordable) with its luxurious water bungalows, pristine white beaches and crystal clear ocean waters. If you find yourself in Indonesia be sure to book at least three-four nights at this beautiful resort. Highlights Luxurious…