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    The Top 10 Dessert Places In Auckland

    WHERE TO CURB THAT SWEET TOOTH ⇷☓⇸ Who doesn’t love having something sweet after their mains? For some people, that is the first thing they look at when scoping out a menu and can make or break picking that place to eat. With so many places to chose from in Auckland I have compiled my favourite Top 10 for you to try out and love: 1. Miann Not only is this one of my favourites it is also serving desserts day and night, for your every whim! With some of the most delicious gelato sticks, yummy bon bons, petit gateaux, weekly sundaes and beautifully plated desserts, there is something for…

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    The Top 10 Places To Eat In Auckland

    FOR ALL YOU FOODIES OUT THERE ⇷☓⇸ Having lived in Auckland for some time, I have managed to check out a number of different places to eat and these are some of my favourites. Whether you fancy Western, Asian, Fusion,  or other delicious styles of food there is something for everyone here in Auckland: 1. Happy Boy Happy Boy makes everyone happy! Brought to you by the same people behind Kiss Kiss (a delicious Vietnamese restaurant), step inside and you’ll discover the future! Incredibly vibrant with neon colours and Tron style themes, it’s serving up delicous bugers, all served in soft, bao-style buns. The cornflake crusted Karage chicken with nori, pickled…