• How to Travel from Home
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    How to Travel from Home

    SATISFY YOUR TRAVEL URGES WITHOUT LEAVING HOME ⇷☓⇸ After coming back to the UK after years of travelling around the world I often get asked how I deal the dreaded post-travel blues and staying in the travel mind-set to keep on going.  It’s a tough question to answer and one I often ponder myself sometimes, as I am sure many other travellers often do as well. There is honestly no easy way to avoid the blues, especially if you are back for a significant amount of time.  What makes it harder is when you are required to stay at home due to health issues, family ties or other commitments and…

  • the top 10 books for travel inspiration
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    The Top 10 Books For Travel Inspiration

    TRAVEL BOOKS FOR THE WANDERLUSTER ⇷☓⇸ There is nothing better than settling down with a delicious drink of choice, some snacks and an evening full of adventure, suspense, love and travel to help get your motivated to go travelling and see the world. With bounteous amounts of books out there to choose from, it can get a little bit overwhelming when it comes to dedicating your limited time to something you may not enjoy. That is why I have taken my own time to save you the trouble and provide the best books to fuel your wanderlust. Not only can you read these books over and over again but once…