• z hostel manila, Philippines
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    Z Hostel – Manila

    WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES ⇷☓⇸ Z Hostel is centrally located in Manila, Philippines and is only a short (20 minutes) drive away from the airport making it the best place to base yourself in this hectic Filipino city. They exude professionalism from the moment you set foot inside by taking your luggage and greeting you warmly.  The hostel is super modern with an air of elegance that you just wouldn’t expect from hostel and you instantly feel at home. The architecture is beautiful and the free breakfast is an added bonus! I also love the electronic wristbands for payments so you don’t need to have cash on you while in…

  • the top 7 travel destinations
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    The Top 7 Travel Destinations

    FIND YOUR INSPORATION FOR THIS YEAR ⇷☓⇸ It’s that time of year where you’re starting to get itchy feet and realising that you would much rather be on a beach with a cocktail or climbing some snow-capped mountains instead of working. With so many places to pick and only a few weeks of holiday to take where on Earth are you meant to go? For this year I have compiled the top 7 travel destinations which you definitely need to check out! Prepare to update your bucket-list: 1. South Korea While North Korea usually holds much of the press these days, South Korea is a definitely a country you should…