• The best travel apps
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    The Best Travel App’s

    TRAVEL LIKE A PRO ⇷☓⇸ Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days, and so it only makes sense that you should also ‘travel-smart’ by ensuring that you have the best apps to make life a lot easier for you on the road. With millions of apps out there, I have narrowed it down to the best ten that you definitely need to have on your phone. Not only do these apps make life easier for you, but they also save you lots of money and time which can be crucial when travelling on a strict timeframe and budget. Covering a range of areas such as cheap flights, offline maps, currency…

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    How To Find Cheap Flights

    How I Afford to Travel the World – One Flight at A Time ⇷☓⇸ The main crux to any travelling plan is getting there! Its the hunt for for a cheap flight which is the deciding factor as to when it is set stone that you’re jumping in with both feet and taking the leap to travel. These days there is no reason to pay out of this world prices for flights due to the amount of competition that is currently out there. Types of Tickets Round The World Tickets The main question I was asking myself was whether or not to buy a round the world ticket or a one…