• Palacio Manco Capac, Ananay Hotels, Cusco, Peru
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    Palacio Manco Capac – Ananay Hotels

    CUSCO’S BEST VIEWPOINT STAY ⇷☓⇸ Staying at Palacio Manco Capac – Ananay Hotels is to enjoy the authentic luxury of relaxing in a homely atmosphere in the centre of town, perched on the hills overlooking the beauty of Cusco. Surrounded by stunning architecture, quirky hidden markets, and a quick walk from the best restaurants in Peru. The hotel is built on an ancient republican house, found on San Cristobal hill, which is where the foundation of Manco Capac’s original residence used to be. In the property you will find an authentic Inca wall which you should definitely check out and admire. The local shops & restaurants are a short walk…