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What is Gravity Float and Cryo Freezing?

‘Floating in a pod is like floating in space. You feel weightless and deeply relaxed as your body feels free from gravity and tension. You have a profound sense of focus and clarity as your mind takes a timeout from the sensory overload of being hyper-connected. You have the opportunity to enhance your health and potential in an ever evolving world.’ 


When I first came across Gravity Float I had seen it advertised on Instagram and it caught my attention straight away. What a cool sci-fi looking pod! To me it looked like something straight out of the X-Files or Fringe with cutting edge science opening our minds to their true potential. How could I not try this?!

On further research it showed numerous semi-naked hot girls posing for their #podselfie with a look of pure bliss and happiness on their faces. What a great way to tempt me even further!

So what is Gravity Float?

Gravity Float is a form of deep relaxation that comes from sensory deprivation and the soothing mineral ingredients that they use in the pods water to help the release of musculoskeletal tension, and enhance the individuals creativity. The incredible silence and stillness inside the pod allows you to achieve a deep meditative state of theta-brainwaves which simulates a therapeutic dream-like state. You can feel more vibrant and alive than ever before

The 10 Benefits:

1. Reduce stress and anxiety

2. Improve blood circulation

3. Improve digestion and skin health

4. Increase serotonin levels

5. Accelerate muscle repair and reduces pain or inflammation

6. Increase cognitive health and mental clarity

7. Alleviate effects of poor quality sleep, irregular sleep patterns, fatigue & insomnia

8. Reach Theta and Delta brainwaves – optimal for deep relaxation, sleep & healing

9. Increase endorphins, fat oxidation, nutrient supply, and

10. Enhance mental resilience, creative visualisation & physical performance

What to expect during floatation therapy:


What is Gravity Float and Cryo Freezing?

The float can last from 1-2 hours depending what you opt for, and in this case I opted for the 1 hour floatation. Upon entering the immaculate and almost sci-fi looking reception, I was offered a choice of water or herbal teas whilst they prepared my room for me.

Yes room!

These pods are pretty large and you need some privacy whilst in them so you get given a whole room to yourself, equipped with shower, shampoo, gels, water, towel and ear plugs. Each room also has a really cool individual name given to it, mine being ‘Discovery’. 

The Pod

Is exactly how it looks in the photos with really cool multi-colour lighting and it is filled with a highly concentrated Epsom Salt solution. I put the ear plugs in, stripped out of my clothes and slid into the body temperature water naked, allowing myself to float effortlessly. The pods are surprisingly roomy inside and are also light and sound proof. The lid when closed is still quite far above you therefore reducing the feeling of claustrophobia. 

To your left is an emergency button and on the right is the button which controls the lights. I left these on whilst adjusting myself into a floating position, the hardest part allowing your neck and shoulders to release the tension holding your head up. This took me a good five minutes to fully allow my head to be supported by the water, the ear plugs stopping the water from rushing in and my whole body fully submerged. Quietly playing in the background is some soothing music to get you in a relaxed state and it was at this point that I then turned the lights out.

Total darkness

The music stops playing after roughly five minutes or so and that when the sensory deprivation kicks in. Now I must admit I floated there thinking all my normal thoughts, wondering if this was going to work….

I am not kidding you, my body jolted and my eyes flicked open, taking in the darkness still all around me. I could feel all the parts of my body like my legs, arms and fingers, but I could barely move them, I was so relaxed and to be quite I honest I didn’t want to move them either. I was told before I entered the room the music would come back on ten minutes before the end of the session and sure enough, moments after my body jolted awake the music started to play.

What happened to me for a whole hour?

I honestly cannot say. But what I can say is that once I could bring myself to move and climb out of the pod (believe me I really didn’t want to) I felt so relaxed and content. I felt like a whole new person and I do honestly believe that by switching off from the constant bombardment of every day life – mobile phones, laptops, static noise, traffic, music, TV etc and allowing your brain to fully engage without being distracted has a truly wonderful effect. 

I can happily say that I will be doing this again!

What is Gravity Cryo?


What is Gravity Float and Cryo Freezing?

Gravity Cryo is the practice of exposing your whole body to very cold air (below -110 °C) for a brief period of time (approx. 2 to 3 minutes) in order to trigger physiological responses in the human body.

Why the hell would you do this to yourself do you ask?

Well the reasons are many. 

Cryo is short for Cryotherapy, and it works by stimulating your ‘fight or flight’ response, which in turn, releases chemicals such as adrenalin, noradrenaline and cortisol onto the bloodstream as your body reacts to perceived threatening situations. The extreme temperature helps pump blood into vital organs, oxygenating your body and leaving you with a feeling of euphoria. Its very similar to ice baths used by athletes to help combat inflammation and muscle pain. 

The 10 Benefits:

1. Increases collagen production

2. Reduce inflammation and muscle pain

3. Optimises brain function

4. Improves immune function

5. Improves sleep quality

6. Increases metabolism

7. Increases anti-oxidant production

8. Increases athletic performance

9. Can burn up to 3000 kilojoules in three minutes

10. Its an experience

What to expect during Cryo Freezing

I’m greeted by a very friendly staff member who runs through the process with me, explaining that I will need to strip down to my underwear and then place on a robe, thick socks, crocs, mittens, ear muffs and a face mask. He also suggests that I think of a song I like and would want to listen to whilst in the chamber, and seeing my confusion explains that they play music whilst freezing you by -110 air. 

My choice was Sangria by REMI as that is my song of choice at the moment and he finds on the iPod and sets it up ready to play for me. He explains that because its my first time I will be in the chamber for 2 minutes and 45 seconds as opposed to the full 3 minutes. The chamber consists of an antechamber and the Cryo chamber which are side by side by side and can be seen via windows. 

Getting ready

I remove robe and the staff member scans my body temperature registering 33 degrees as I step inside the antechamber and close the door behind me. The air is already extremely cold in there, and its swirls around me and is intensified by the UV lights shining down inside the room. The music blasts through the speakers and a count down begins signalling the Cryo room is ready to enter, which I do so pulling the door open and stepping inside.

Its at this point that my breath is suddenly taken away and I realise that I am now in a room that is chilled to temperatures so low that they don’t naturally occur on Earth, with my favourite song playing in the background stood in just my boxers. I have to laugh and I do, although no one can see behind my mask. I previously asked the staff member to take some videos and photos of me inside and he does just that through the little separating window. I cant help but dance around, just to try and stay warm.

Enjoying the moment 

As I exhale, my breath passes through and out of the mask making tiny snowflakes, but looking like streams of smoke filling the room around me. This makes for an awesome video (see below).

Finally, after 2 minutes and 45 seconds the timer sounds and just in time, as I was just starting to reach my limit for how cold I could go. I step out and quickly place the robe back on me wrapping it tight around me but smiling like an idiot. They zapped me again and my body temperature registered as 13 degrees!! Insane. 

The after show

Around the side of the changing rooms they have a bunch of exercise equipment to get your body temperature back up and after a bit of light cardio I got changed and left feeling refreshed. 

Strangely it was so much fun and I was actually wanting to do it again straight away. 

I will certainly be visiting again soon!

More about Gravity Float and Cryo



Gravity Float costs around $75 per hour session and can be found in two locations: Armadale and Northcote

Cryo costs around $75 for the one session and can be found in South Yarra

For more information and bookings visit: or

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