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Don’t Forget Your Passport!

Probably the most important item for travelling


So you have the flights booked with the itinerary planned out for those few months or years you’re planning on going away for and just ironing out the small details. Sound familiar?

That’s pretty much where I am right now and it wasnt until I was thumbing through my travel worn passport that I realised it will run out in 2017. No biggie right?! That’s what I thought.


Where I am planning on travelling for at least two or three years it would run out slap bang in the middle and from what I have heard would just be a total nightmare to sort out abroad.

I went straight to Tesco’s to have my passport photos taken and then got online at, filled out the forms, paid my £75 and sent off the signature part and photos. Easy peasy!

Two weeks later and here is my new bright and shiny passport which will last me for the next years:


I cant wait to get it roughed up and worn from visting numerous new countries!

So yeah just a heads up really for all of you fellow travellers…DONT FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR PASSPORT before you leave.

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